Inertial Sensing Systems for Advanced Chronic Condition Monitoring and Risk Prevention

University of Twente – The Netherlands (UT)

University of Twente / CTIT is a multidisciplinary research institute in Enschede, the Netherlands, within the area of telematics and information technology. The Pervasive Systems (PS) research group within University of Twente is the project coordinator of IS-ACTIVE. The PS group is an interdisciplinary research group that investigates distributed and embedded systems architectures and technologies […]

Roessingh Research and Development – The Netherlands (RRD)

Roessingh Research and Development is the largest Dutch scientific research centre in rehabilitation technology. RRD is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence in the fields of restoration of human function, non-invasive neuromuscular assessment and pain rehabilitation. RRD focuses on knowledge valorization and increasingly executes projects with large multinationals. RRD develops new and innovative national […]

Inertia Technology – The Netherlands (INE)

Inertia Technology is an SME in the newly-emerging field of wireless inertial sensor networks. Inertia is specialized in the development of miniaturized wireless devices that can sense, process and communicate motion features of interest. Using the low-cost wireless sensor nodes, Inertia captures and monitors the motion of people and moving objects, recognizing the activities and […]

The Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine – Norway (NST)

The Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine is a centre of research and expertise that gathers, produces and disseminates knowledge about telemedicine services, both in Norway and internationally. In 2002, the NST was designated as the first Collaborating Centre for Telemedicine by the World Health Organization (WHO). Contact: Tatjana Burkow,

Northern Research Institute – Norway (NOR)

Northern Research Institute Tromsø is an independent institute for research in the fields of ICT, Social Sciences, and Earth Observation. Norut has done net centric eHealth research since 1990 and lately worked on ICT solutions for system for personalized home-based eHealth services for chronically ill. Norut is a founding partner of Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory, and […]

University Hospital Elias – Romania (ELS)

University Hospital Elias is one of the best known in Romania, being considered a referenced center for medical and academic activities. The research activity is coordinated by the Romanian Academy, which is patronizing the hospital. The Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine has extensive experience in gait analysis, postural and balance analysis, motion analysis, cardio-pulmonary […]

PROSYS – Romania (PRS)

PROSYS is a Romanian technology company that specializes in the design and implementation of complete sensing, monitoring and control systems in a wide range of applications, from surveillance of public utilities to industrial automation. In collaboration with major universities and research institutes in Romania and EU, PROSYS works on innovative, high-accuracy measuring embedded systems. The […]

IS-ACTIVE project meeting - Tromso, Norway (March 2012)

Is-active meeting - Norway, March 2012

IS-ACTIVE project meeting - Roessingh Research and Development, Enschede (March 2011)

Is-active meeting - Twente, March 2011